IGF Dynamic Coalition Internet Standards, Security and Safety

“Making the Internet more secure and safer”

The Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition (IS3C) is an Internet Governance Forum Dynamic Coalition that brings together key stakeholders from the technical community, civil society, government policymakers, regulators, and corporate and individual adopters, with the shared goal of making online activity and interaction more secure and safer by achieving more widespread and rapid deployment of existing Internet standards and ICT best practices.

Internet and ICT security is an issue that is high on the agenda of governments, industry and individuals alike. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the rapid increase in society’s dependency on the Internet, communications technologies and networks, the interconnectivity of devices, and the vast array of online services, networks and applications that permeate all social and economic sectors, and on which every aspect of daily life, including our health and financial welfare, increasingly rely.

It is also widely recognised that many Internet-related products and services are increasingly vulnerable to security threats and the spread of online harms and criminal misuse. However, if relevant security-related standards and best practices are more effectively adopted and deployed worldwide, these risk can be reduced significantly. This will foster greater trust in the Internet and its related digital technologies and applications and the positive social and economic benefits of these transformative technologies for sustainable development will be fully realised for communities worldwide.

The IS3C aims to ensure that standards and best practices play their full role in addressing these cybersecurity challenges through establishing the conditions for their wider, more effective and more rapid adoption by key decision-takers throughout the standards implementation chain in both the public and private sectors.

This can be achieved only if there is a shared commitment by stakeholders worldwide in a new comprehensive and strategic approach.

Action Plan

The IS3C has established a work programme that i) brings the critical security supply and demand factors together; and ii) proposes the best options for the deployment of key standards and best practices on both sides, in the form of policy recommendations and practical guidance. These outcomes will be presented as IGF policy recommendations, guidelines or toolkits for dissemination to policymakers and decision-takers and capacity building programmes worldwide.

More information on the individual working group programmes and mission statements as well the proposed workplan and timelines can be found on the IGF website.

Role ECP

ECP is the IS3C’s back-office and runs the administration.

Internet governance

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