Professor Dr. Ir. Boudewijn Haverkort

Hoogleraar, Decaan, Tilburg University & Commit2Data

I am an experienced high-tech professional in the field of cyber-physical systems, having worked in leadership roles in the Netherlands and Germany, and in a large number of international (European funded) research and innovation projects. Data science and digitization do not hold secrets for me. Fields of application I have worked in include wireless and wearable communication systems, internet-based systems, smart industry, smart grids, energy efficient data centers and cyber-security of industrial systems. I published some 200 scientific papers in journals and at conferences, and have advised numerous students towards their MSc, as well as 30+ PhD students. I have been director of an independent open innovation institute on Embedded Systems Engineering (ESI, 2009-2013; now part of TNO), head of the department of computer science at the University of Twente (2008-2009, 2017-2018) and serve as chairman of the national research and innovation program on big data and its applications (Commit2Data) since 2016 (ongoing). January 2019 I started as dean of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. I have an inviting working attitude and stimulate people to grow; I strongly believe in teams and cooperation. I find inspiration in art, music, architecture, literature and “the great outdoors”