Pascal Wiggers

Pascal Wiggers is Associate Lector Responsible Artificial Intelligence at AUAS.

His research focusses on the design and development of AI grounded in public values, taking the individual, social and ethical consequences of AI in to account. He studies the technology – by developing AI – as well as the the development process, to help designers and developers incorporate abstracte concepts such as values and ethics in their day-to-day practice.

Pascal is a principal investigator in the AI, Media and Democracy ELSA Lab and member of the management team of Amsterdam Data Science. Pascal obtained his PhD from Delft University of Technology on the topic of ‘Modelling Context in Automatic Speech Recognition’.

He co-founded the Master Applied AI at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

De sociale effecten van Artificial Intelligence zijn minstens zo belangrijk als de technologische, het is belangrijk dat we daar aandacht aan besteden.”

Pascal is host bij de learning table: Responsible AI.