Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment tool - English

A practical roadmap for organizations for exploring the societal, technical, legal, and ethical implications of quantum technology.

Quantum technology is developing rapidly: some applications are already possible today, others will come to market in the coming years, and some will require major technical breakthroughs still. However, the direction of these developments is partly determined by the opportunities and application potential that organizations and society are aiming for. Thinking about the opportunities and possibilities, while timely creating the prerequisites for responsible application requires a focused effort.

The EQTA is a practical roadmap that helps organizations with this effort: by exploring the opportunities and impact of quantum technology in a timely manner, an organization can avoid negative impacts and set preconditions. This is required to ensure that opportunities and impact can be managed.

The EQTA is an instrument through which Quantum Delta Netherlands (QDNL), which combines efforts in the Netherlands around quantum technology, contributes to the optimal and responsible use of opportunities of quantum technology.

The EQTA supports two types of organizations:
• Organizations experiencing the impact of quantum technology now or in the future once quantum technology is increasingly adopted.
• Organizations developing or applying quantum technology themselves at present or in future.