Proposal for a National Public-Private Research and Innovation Program on Data Science, Stewardship and Technology across Top Sectors

The COMMIT2DATA proposal for a national public-private research and innovation program on data science, stewardship and technology across top sectors has been developed by Team ICT as part of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda ICT 2016-2019. The proposal has been developed in close collaboration with stakeholders and the various Knowledge and Innovation Agendas in urgent economic and societal challenges that are susceptible to ICT innovations. COMMIT2DATA aims to maintain and strengthen the Dutch top-5 knowledge position in big data. The program bundles and focuses data science expertise, resources and funding in private, public and government sectors. The program leads to a durable contribution to the human capital agenda in the field of big data, it will further the results of prior investments in ICT and big data, and it will contribute to regional anchor points for valorization and dissemination of big data.