Bijeenkomst Digital Literacy

Dinsdag 7 maart organiseert de Amerikaanse Ambassade in samenwerking met ECP een besloten bijeenkomst waarin partnerships, trends en behoeften op het gebied van digitale vaardigheden in het onderwijs worden besproken. De bijeenkomst vindt plaats in het kader van de Global Partnership Week.

Celebrating Innovative Partnerships Supporting Digital Literacy in The Netherlands, U.S. and the World The U.S. Embassy in The Hague and Netherlands-based ECP, partner of CodePact and other digital skills development programs, are co-hosting an event to highlight partnerships, trends and needs in the area of digital skills development for primary and secondary school students. It is becoming increasingly clear that digital proficiency, cyber awareness, coding aptitude and technology skills are critical for individual career success, workforce prosperity, business competitiveness and national security.  Thankfully, innovative partnerships and new public-private strategies are emerging in the Netherlands, the United States and around the world to help address these needs.  This event will highlight some of these strategies and success stories and will provide attendees with an opportunity to further discuss this important topic. Speakers will include major technology companies, education leaders and start-up companies focusing on digital skills development. The event is a part of the celebration of Global Partnership Week, which seeks to recognize the importance of public-private partnerships in solving some of today’s most complex challenges.